Garlic flake

Serial number of the product:  YCDD011-1

Product origin:   China

Price terms:      FOB.CFR.CIF 



(1) Grade A 
 SO2: 150ppm max

  Inner packing:double layered plastic bags(20kg×1);

    Outer packing:Cartons(20kg), Or packing by buyer's option.

 Container: 9MT/20'
 Other Description:

    Without deep yellow,empty,pullulation,spot,scar, the center reddening color and other color changing flakes, flake-size and thickness basically even

(2) Grade B:
Color:Slight Yellow
Moisture: ≤6%

   Inner packing: double layered plastic bags(20 kg×1);

   Outer packing:Cartons,20 kg, Or packing by buyer's option.
Container: 11MT/20

Other Description:

    a little deep yellow,without obvious spot, scar,serious empty or pullulation, flake-size and thickness basically even. 



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